Funnels: Your Ticket to creating a Big List.

Funnel a definition:

verb (used with object), fun·neled, fun·nel·ing or ( especially British ) fun·nelled, fun·nel·ling.
To concentrate, channel, or focus: They funneled all income into research projects.


A quick and dirty talk about funnels.

There is lots of talk nowadays about leads, prospects and customers and how to funnel them into your business.  But what exactly is a funnel on the internet?  Well those leads, prospects and customers that I mentioned are all basically people at different levels of the funnel process.  That funnel process will lead to sales and profit if you are marketing properly.

The top of the funnel there are LEADS – which then filter down to Prospects depending on their choices.  Those Prospects can then become Customers again depending on choices they make.  You start off with a large amount of people which filter down to a select few to which are more likely to buy in to what you happen to be offering.  If you can get your leads and prospects to OPT IN to a list, newsletter, or auto-responder all the better.  This way you are able to make consistent communication to them.  Once on this list and they are comfortable with you and your services/products – you are able to introduce other things to them such as ebooks, how to courses or even hard consumables if that is your thing.

A list is hard to develop and maintain – continual and consistent information must be provided along with tangible goals and outcomes for their loyalty.  The more people you can connect with personally the better for your funnel and your list.

Check out this link for a completely ‘done for you’ system for creating a list with funnels.  


Fan Pages on Facebook – Do you have yours?

Do you have a fan page on Facebook?  If you have something you wish to promote or put in front of peoples eyes this is a must have.  A blog, business, personal website a fan page can help you create your own brand.

Marketing that page will help expose your offering or information to huge audience bringing in likes, comments, money and word of mouth — all good for business and your popularity.  Go ahead and so a Google search on Facebook Fan Pages…..lots of results.

I just created mine and it is a work in progress and will mature over time but I am hoping it will allow me some exposure into the Facebook marketplace and help build my fans and business(s) over time.

If you want to see it — go here to check it out:

Val Kowalewich’s Facebook Fan Page